bon voyage! ZTA goes worldwide over jan-term

Our creed begins, “To realize that within our grasp, in Zeta Tau Alpha, lies the opportunity to know those things which will ever enrich and ennoble our lives.” Over Jan-term, our sisters traveled worldwide and lived out this line of the creed.

Samford offers lots of study abroad opportunities, and several of our sisters traveled during the break both with Samford and on their own. Zetas explored London, Paris, Saba, Israel, various U.S. cities, and many other corners of the world!

Aubrey Johnston (pictured above) traveled to London, England through Samford’s study abroad program.

This Jan Term I got to go to London, England for 2 and a half weeks and have the experience of a lifetime. With a travel weekend to Paris, and day trips to places like Oxford, we got the best of so many worlds. For our class we experienced all the museums, shows, and sight seeing we could do in the time we were there. My favorite day was when we went to 3 different types of church services on Sunday to experience the famous cathedrals of Wesminister Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral and then the complete opposite at Hillsong London.
Living in the Daniel House with so many girls was just like living in the zeta house, but maybe a little quieter. It was so fun hanging out with so many sisters and getting to see that my friendships that were in Zeta when across the ocean were the girls I went to. Each of the girls I traveled with that was a Zeta I can now call a dear friend.
Traveling creates wonder and joy in a way nothing else will. You get to experience so many new cultures and types of people. We ate so many new foods and took the Tube, which is public transportation. I feel so blessed to have gotten to study abroad with Samford and with so many dear friends and sisters.
-Aubrey Johnston, senior


After having our sisters spread out all over the world, we can’t wait to be back together in our Samford home. Check out the photos below for more of our travel adventures!


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