meet 2017 executive council!

Introducing Delta Psi’s 2017 Executive Council! They are so excited to lead and serve our chapter this year. These girls are here for you and want to make our chapter the best it can be. They want you to feel loved, welcomed, and needed. Their hope is that you will feel inspired to reach out, get involved, and love ZTA as much as they do! Read below to get to know EC–Big shoutout to Emily Frazier for these amazing photos!!

“For the spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love, & self-discipline” -2 Timothy 1:7


Madison Matthews // President


About Madison::

Hometown: Spanish Fort, AL | Major: Accounting

Why she loves ZTA: “I love Zeta because of the girls who not only joined my life, but invested and cared for me throughout my time at Samford. My freshman year after my grandfather passed, a senior whom I was really close with made an effort to check on me and bring me candies to cheer me up. Losing a grandparent while I was away at college was incredibly hard, but I was so thankful to have that friend who looked after me like she was my sister. She has inspired me to constantly show kindness to others because you never know what people are going through. I hope I have the opportunity to express the love that was shown to me to other members in this chapter. I’m honored and extremely humbled to be able to hold the position of President and I hope to be able to express the love that I have for Delta Psi throughout my term. Shoutout to Lizzie Kolakoski (2016 alum) for teaching me one of the most important lessons in life.”

Brantley Taylor // Vice President I


About Brantley::

Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, FL | Major: Marketing & Finance

Why she loves ZTA: “I love the spirit that ZTA has. We’re a group of gils who genuinely love life and have no problem expressing it and sharing our joy with others.”

Teya Lonquist // Vice President II, New Member Mom


About Teya::

Hometown: Pensacola, FL | Major: Management & Entrepreneurship Minor: Voice

Why she love ZTA: “I love how happy ZTA’s are. We’re the life of the party! I know if I’m with my sisters, I’m going to have a good time!”

Olivia Corley // Vice President III, Recruitment Chair


About Olivia::

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX | Major: Communication studies Minor: nutrition

Why she loves ZTA: “I love that Zeta is always relaxed and a fun environment to be in and that we are set apart because of it. I’m thankful for the opportunities it has presented thus far and I am excited to see what more it has to offer. ZTA is where I have found my best friends and  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”


Alexa Haines // Treasurer


About Alexa::

Hometown: Gulf Breeze, FL | Major: Biology

Why she loves ZTA: “One of my favorite things about ZTA is how accepting we all are. We all have our own little quirks that set us apart and I couldn’t imagine it any other way! Our individual differences make up Delta Psi, a chapter that I’m so happy to call home.”

Ashley Steiner // Historian

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About Ashley::

Hometown: Birmingham, AL  | Major: Entrepreneurship & Finance

Why she loves ZTA: blogging!!! (hehe) Okay, but really…These girls are some of my best friends. We laugh together, cry together, and they never fail to bring me to the cross when I need Jesus most. I know these girls will have my back no matter what, and they’ll still be my friends when we’re Zeta grandmas 🙂

Jessie Gholson // Ritual Chair


About Jessie::

Hometown: Nashville, TN | Major: Elementary & Special Education

Why she loves ZTA: “I love all the connections I have made in ZTA! I have made so many lifelong friendships in ZTA. Being a ZTA legacy, I have also grown a deeper connection with my mom. I can’t imagine life at Samford without ZTA!”

**DISAFFILIATED RHO GAMMA // Panhellenic Delegate**


Bonnie Hankins // Academic Chair


About Bonnie::

Hometown: Chickamauga, GA | Major: Elementary & Special Education

Why she loves ZTA: “I love the friendships I have because of ZTA. These girls love me in the good, encourage me in the bad, and give me the confidence to be myself. Not to mention, they’re hilarious.”

Savannah Wilson // Risk Manager


About Savannah::

Hometown: Pensacola, FL | Major: Human Development & Family Science

Why she loves ZTA: “I love Zeta because from the minute I sat down during rush I felt an immediate sense of comfort and acceptance. I saw how everyone was so different and unique but still somehow fit together. Even now I still don’t know how so many different personalities can work together to form something as great as this chapter. I thank the Lord for Zeta because I know my college experience truly wouldn’t be as great without it.”

**DISAFFILIATED RHO GAMMA // Housing Manager**

// Written by Ashley Steiner



crowned devotional – trade your worry

On my daily scroll of Pinterest today, I saw a quote that read:

“Trade your worry for worship and watch God make the mountain of anxiety bow down to him.”

In the midst of our individual lives, it is easy to forget that God places our own anxieties on His heavenly shoulders. At times we may find ourselves siting in the library crying under stacks of essays, tests, and projects; however, the pressure of the week does not stand alone. Pressed under the weight of school and personal struggle is a blanket of grace–A grace blanket laid upon God’s heavenly children.

Thus, we must remind ourselves that the Lord is our loving protector and advocate. If I’m having a bad day, my God is going to pick me up and place me in his lap, “whether I ask for it or not.”

Let me say that again…”whether I ask for it or not.” 🙂

In our relationship with God we are not asked to bring peace offerings and piles of forgiveness letters.

No, our Father in Heaven keeps our crowns straight even when our heads bow down under the mountain of anxiety. God wants to hold up our mountains of fret and fear, so that our crowns do not fall off. As long as we belong to the Heavenly King, we are the crowned daughters of Christ.

Therefore, model this action and hold up your fellow ziztas crown!

Pick a sister up and let her sit in your lap if need be. Let her tell you about her hurts and her dreams.

Before we were members of Zeta Tau Alpha, we were born with Heavenly crowns as daughters of the King. Now as members of Zeta Tau Alpha, we are given a place to wear our crowns even higher on our heads.

So, if you see that your sister’s crown is about to fall off and break because she has a huge anatomy test, JMC project, a boyfriend struggle, or just a bad day (because we all have those every once and awhile), hand her your own crown for double support. LIFT A ZIZTA UP!!!

~All my LOVE forever, Camille Brown


zeta day recap

Yesterday was a special day for our sisters in Delta Psi. It was Zeta Day! Zeta Day is an annual event that brings together Zetas from nearby collegiate and alumni chapters to learn and inspire sisterhood. This year Zeta Day was held at the super beautiful and picturesque Stone Bridge Farms in Cullman, Alabama. Once there, Zetas got the chance to score some sweet gifts, shop for some ZTA gear (represent ladies!), take some cute pics together, and win awards for our chapter!


Not only was it an opportunity to bond with our Delta Psi sisters, but also to meet other Zetas and take home some awards! Speaking of awards, congrats to our Zistas for bringing home several awards including the Public Relations Award, Outstanding Advisor Award, and the Spirit Award for being the loudest and proudest Zetas at Zeta Day! Way to go girls!! Shoutout to Amelia Floyd for reasserting our chapter as outstanding senior! Beyond the awards there were silent auctions for girls to take home fun baskets, coin wars, prizes, and more. All to make Zeta Day a truly special experience.


We have so much love for our sisters everywhere so getting to spend time with them was super special. Not to mention the sweet ceremony celebrating alumni who have been Zetas for up to fifty years. Or the beautifully inspiring speech from a breast cancer survivor that left no dry eyes in the house. Standing beside other chapters as they won awards, and watching alumni continue to do service in the name of ZTA filled our hearts with pride in our sisterhood. To end this day of all things ZTA, the different chapters of both collegians and alumni joined in a sisterhood circle, reminding us always, whether you be a new member or a member of fifty years, to keep Zeta Tau Alpha in our hearts.

// Written by Summer Shafer

fun photos from ZTA day!

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Crowned Devotional – the greatest of all things

Crowned devotional 1 – Love, the greatest of all things

Hey, zistas!! Welcome to the very first “Crowned” blog! This devotional was created especially for our sisters (and our parents – woo!) to remind us all that even in the hardships of life and college that we are the CROWNED daughters of the one true King!! How amazing is that!?

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has crowned us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms in Christ” Ephesians 1:3

In the spirit of valentine’s day, let’s focus our attention to the “greatest of all things”. I love how our creed even states that love is and should always remain our main focus in life!! 1 Peter 4:8 reminds us that “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” In this social-media-world filled with hatred and bitterness, we should always remember that the Lord first loved us and enabled us to love not only Him, but those around us (1 John 4:19). A challenge for us zistas would be to show our love and compassion for each other daily, as well as the others around us. It would be so amazing share the love of Jesus with everyone on our campus!!

In closing, we should always remember that the love we receive daily from the Lord is a love like no other. No matter where you are in this life, whether you are single or not, have 20+ best friends or just 3 close ones, or if you are struggling to find your place here at Samford, know that you are loved by the King of Kings, Lord of Lords. And because of that, we should praise Him! “Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you. I will praise you as long as I live, and in your name I will lift up my hands. I will be fully satisfied as with the richest of foods; with singing lips my mouth will praise you.” Psalm 63:3-5

Xoxo, sweet zistas

Treva Martin

14 things we love about zta

In honor of Valentine’s Day we wanted to take a moment and reflect on some things we love about ZTA! “…and the foundation precept of Zeta Tau Alpha was LOVE, the greatest of all things!”

Bid day

After going through Rush, you have fallen in love with ZTA. Whether it be for the first time or all over again, there is no better way to celebrate than by giving your new sisters their first set of letters and dancing the night away!


After going through Rush and Bid Day, walking around campus is great! Wearing your letters while walking through Ben Brown guarantees you a few extra greetings on your way to class.

Putting Z at the beginning of all our words

Zistas, ZLAM, zouse…and the list goes on!

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 11.14.21 AM.png


Immediately after Big/Little reveal, you gain a second family. Some ZTA families are big, others are small, but they are all made of love, support, and group messages.

Throwing the crown

Need we say more?


White Candles

Nothing is more exciting than ending a chapter with all our sisters gathered in a circle anxiously awaiting to hear a proposal story.

Familiar Faces in the Caf

When you walk into the crowded cafeteria, it can be overwhelming. Yet, when you have more than 200 sisters, there’s always someone you know to eat with!

Facebook Pages

In ZTA you never go uninformed and despite the plethora of notifications, we love our social media.  With two Facebook pages for members, there is always a place to ask your questions whether they are about ZTA, Samford, Birmingham, or anything in between! From surveys and homework help to funny pictures and reminders, the Facebook pages we’re a part of are never boring.


Paint party, mom’s weekend, tailgates, formal, mixers. We love them all!!


Sorority girls love t-shirts, and we are no exception. Whether it be the new shirts on sale or the “vintage” ones being sold by senior ZTAs, you can always find a cute new way to wear your letters.


We love intramurals whether we’re dominating on the field or encouraging our sisters from the sidelines. ZTAs are athletic!

screen-shot-2017-02-14-at-11-04-51-am   14908175_1280616425291937_3166305460065607970_n

Endless opportunities

There are so many ways to have fun through Zeta Tau Alpha. You can get involved in leadership, intramurals, sisterhood activities, and so much more. There is always something to do with ZTA!

Food at chapter

Whether it be donuts, cupcakes, or ice cream, there are often sweet treats to have at chapter. After all, ZTAs like to eat!

Knowing you’re a part of the best sisterhood on earth.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 11.03.20 AM.png

Written by :: Shelly Fulks & Katie Paniucki


two words: step sing

Step Sing is one of the most wonderful times of the year at Samford. As soon as students return from Jan-Term, Step Sing season is in full swing. This year was Samford’s 67th year to host this treasured tradition. Step Sing was started at Howard College in 1951, but it was moved to Samford’s current Lakeshore Drive campus in 1957. The show premiered in its current home in the Wright Center in 1976. In 1971, Step Sing added the Sweepstakes Trophy in honor of its 20th anniversary. Did you know before 1990 Step Sing shows had live bands instead of recorded music?!

For three weeks, step singers practiced for hours each day to perfect their performances. With countless costumes, props, songs, choreography, passion, planning, and the grace of sweet Jesus, about one-fifth of Samford’s student population took the stage over the weekend. This year, 17 groups competed, which is the most in Step Sing history! Let’s just say…Step Sing is kind of a big deal here. Our sisters participated not only in Zeta’s own show, but in several other shows too, including Ignite, Freshman Girls, Freshman Ladies, Sophomore Girls, Spectrum, and more.

Each year, Step Sing partners with a special philanthropy. This year, Step Sing partnered with Shauna’s House, a Ukrainian transition home for orphans started by Samford’s own soccer coach, Todd Yelton, in memory and honor of his wife. Step Sing raised $14,100 during this week for Shauna’s House!

Saturday night, the long anticipated Sweepstakes winner was announced. Congrats to Pi Kappa Phi for being the overall winner!! Alpha Tau Omega won 1st runner up, and Sigma Chi won 2nd runner up.

Now that the Step Sing madness has come to a close, we’re already looking forward to next year. See you in 2018, Step Sing!

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so the fam’s in town…

It’s always a great weekend when the family comes to visit Samford! We LOVE seeing our families and showing around our campus home! BUT WAIT. Where should you take them to eat, you may ask?! Here’s a list of our top Zeta parent approved restaurants. Your family is sure to love these restaurants over the upcoming Step Sing weekend!

1. Edgar’s Bakery

Edgar’s is not just a bakery, it’s a full service restaurant open for breakfast and lunch! Everything there is delicious-especially the chicken salad. Be sure to save room for dessert because the strawberry cake is TO DIE FOR.

2. Miss Dot’s Chicken

This restaurant is the perfect place to take your family, especially if you have younger siblings! Located in Crestline Village, it has the BEST chicken bites! It’s located right down the street from Church Street Coffee, so be sure to get a breakup cookie for dessert after.

3. Taco Mama

Holy moly guacamole!! This restaurant has become a Samford staple. They have locations in Homewood, Mountain Brook, and the Summit, so there are plenty of options depending on what part of the city you’re in. This place is always a crowd pleaser!

4. Ashley Mac’s

Ashley Mac’s is a fun lunch place with great sandwiches and salads. If you like chicken salad, then this is the place for you. The strawberry cake is so good too! They have a few locations including Cahaba Heights, Vestavia, and Inverness.

5. Melt

Macaroni & cheese on a grilled cheese sandwich. *drops mic* Find Melt in Avondale-you won’t regret going there!

6. Slice

Slice is a fun pizza place in Five Points downtown. The pizza is thin crust, gourmet, and customizable to any kind you want. Be sure to save room for the s’mores pizza dessert-it’s large enough to feed an entire table of people! Though parking can be tricky, the food is worth it!

7. Urban Cookhouse

This restaurant aims to please any crowd. Not only is it healthy, but everything on their menu is good too! The grilled chicken special is a Zeta mom favorite, and you can’t go wrong with the chicken salad. Be sure to order a half-baked cookie at the same time as ordering your meal because it takes about 15-2o minutes for them to make it. They have two locations-one in downtown Homewood and another at the Summit.

8. Brio

Looking for a good, sit-down Italian restaurant? Brio is the place for you! Plus, it’s conveniently located at Brookwood Village, right down the street from Samford.

9. Jim N Nicks

Cheese biscuits. Nuff said.

10. Mugshots

Need a place to take the guys in your family? Go to Mugshots! They have every kind of burger and the sweet potato fries aren’t bad either 🙂

We love our ZTA families!!! Feed them good food.



but first, brunch.

It’s breakfast. It’s lunch. It’s the best meal of the day and your whole life…brunch!! Can you tell that Zetas love to eat good food? We hope so.

Birmingham is bustling with brunch places all over the city. Here are a few of our favorites for you to try!

1. Brick & Tin

On Sundays after church, Brick & Tin is a great brunch spot! Located in Mountain Brook village, it only offers brunch on the weekends…and it’s GOOD.

2. First Watch

Located in Vestavia, First Watch is your classic good ol’ breakfast place with plenty of options including lunch, if breakfast food is not your thing. (But you should really try their blueberry pancakes and avocado toast before deciding you don’t like breakfast food, okay?)


3. Another Broken Egg

This breakfast place is a sweet sit-down restaurant in the heart of Mountain Brook village. It has all of your classic breakfast and brunch favorites, and serves coffee in their signature mugs.

4. Big Bad Breakfast

There’s nothing bad about this place!! Seriously. Try it for yourself–even Southern Living gave it a two thumbs up. Be prepared for a wait though because it’s always crowded!

5. Alabama Biscuit Company

Do you like biscuits? Then you’ll LOOOOVE this place! Located in Cahaba Heights, it specializes in gourmet biscuits that keep you full all day. No joke.


6. Feast & Forest

This cute local restaurant is located downtown. If you’re looking for a unique and hip spot, this place is it!


7. Original Pancake House

If you like a side of pancakes with everything you order, then this is the place for you! Located in downtown Birmingham, it has every kind of breakfast food you can imagine in sharable sized portions. Come hungry, leave full for the rest of the day!

8. The Heavenly Donut Company

So this place only serves donuts, but that’s okay because they’re open all day long and the donuts are some of the BEST in town. Try the blueberry donut holes…they’ll change your life. (Right @Brooke Adams?!?) They also have a donut truck that comes to campus sometimes!


9. Red Cat

This coffee shop has much more than just coffee! They are also known for their crepes and have an entire crepe menu to choose from! Now they have two locations downtown – one by Pepper Place and another by Railroad Park.

IMG_8009.jpg   img_4742

So now that you have this list, get out there and let the brunching begin!

Leave a comment & share your favorite Bham brunch places below!!