but first, brunch.

It’s breakfast. It’s lunch. It’s the best meal of the day and your whole life…brunch!! Can you tell that Zetas love to eat good food? We hope so.

Birmingham is bustling with brunch places all over the city. Here are a few of our favorites for you to try!

1. Brick & Tin

On Sundays after church, Brick & Tin is a great brunch spot! Located in Mountain Brook village, it only offers brunch on the weekends…and it’s GOOD.

2. First Watch

Located in Vestavia, First Watch is your classic good ol’ breakfast place with plenty of options including lunch, if breakfast food is not your thing. (But you should really try their blueberry pancakes and avocado toast before deciding you don’t like breakfast food, okay?)


3. Another Broken Egg

This breakfast place is a sweet sit-down restaurant in the heart of Mountain Brook village. It has all of your classic breakfast and brunch favorites, and serves coffee in their signature mugs.

4. Big Bad Breakfast

There’s nothing bad about this place!! Seriously. Try it for yourself–even Southern Living gave it a two thumbs up. Be prepared for a wait though because it’s always crowded!

5. Alabama Biscuit Company

Do you like biscuits? Then you’ll LOOOOVE this place! Located in Cahaba Heights, it specializes in gourmet biscuits that keep you full all day. No joke.


6. Feast & Forest

This cute local restaurant is located downtown. If you’re looking for a unique and hip spot, this place is it!


7. Original Pancake House

If you like a side of pancakes with everything you order, then this is the place for you! Located in downtown Birmingham, it has every kind of breakfast food you can imagine in sharable sized portions. Come hungry, leave full for the rest of the day!

8. The Heavenly Donut Company

So this place only serves donuts, but that’s okay because they’re open all day long and the donuts are some of the BEST in town. Try the blueberry donut holes…they’ll change your life. (Right @Brooke Adams?!?) They also have a donut truck that comes to campus sometimes!


9. Red Cat

This coffee shop has much more than just coffee! They are also known for their crepes and have an entire crepe menu to choose from! Now they have two locations downtown – one by Pepper Place and another by Railroad Park.

IMG_8009.jpg   img_4742

So now that you have this list, get out there and let the brunching begin!

Leave a comment & share your favorite Bham brunch places below!!

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