Mr. Samford Recap

One of our chapter’s favorite events has come and gone, Mr. Samford. On Tuesday, April 4th Delta Psi hosted our 9th annual Mr. Samford “Classic Man” competition. Thirteen men from across campus competed to be crowned Mr. Samford for 2017. The night began by the contestants being judged in casual wear for first impression. Then, they competed in the swimwear division where hilarious floats were modeled and, believe it or not, a wet suit. The next portion of the show was, my personal favorite, talent. The talents consisted of singing, rapping, dancing, sandwich making, and even a performance of the recorder to the tune Wrecking Ball. Lastly, the men competed in formal wear where their personality was able to shine during Q &A. The night ended with our amazing emcees Richard Barnes and Mattie Eubanks entertaining us while we waited on the results and our Co-Directors Lauren Mouchette and Caroline Crawford education the audience on Breast Cancer. This year Corbin Meredith, representing AOPI, won and is now the new Mr. Samford for 2017.

Delta Psi wants to thank everyone who came out to support our philanthropy event this year. The stands were packed with students and faculty from all over campus. With everyone’s participation, the Mr. Samford event raised over $7,000 for our Philanthropy, Breast Cancer Education and Awareness. We are so thankful for everyone’s love and support and are already excited to see who our Mr. Samford will be for 2018!

// By Lauren Mouchette

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