sisterhood story :: glenna bridges

During rush my freshman year, I remember going to the open houses each house hosted. When I walked out of Zeta, I was terrified! All these girls seemed so loud and way too cool to be friends with me. So I went into rush thinking that maybe Zeta wasn’t going to be for me. When I came back for the parties and Mal rushed me. I thought she hung the moon (I still do)! She was so genuine, made me feel so at ease, and cracked me up the entire time. Mal made me realize that there are so many types of girls in Zeta. Not every girl fits the ‘loud, outgoing’ type.
Flash forward, to this summer right about now. On May 17th, I had a jaw surgery. The amount of love I felt from my sisters, honestly, was overwhelming. I felt so cherished by these girls! So many girls texted me and to check in with me! Then two weeks later, my doctor found an infection in my jaw. Again, so many of my sisters reached out to check on me! What love these girls have showed me and I’m so grateful for the sweet texts and prayers!!!
The girls in Zeta have changed my life! I would not be the same girl without them! These girls push me to be the best Glenna I can be and I’m so incredibly thankful!!


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