Sisterhood Story :: Anne Chason Wachter

Anne Chason brings so much joy to our chapter! She has such a caring heart and is always there for her sisters. Her mom & cousin were Zetas at Samford too! We love you, AC! Read why she found her home in ZTA below:


“I chose Zeta because it’s unique and you are always encouraged to be yourself. Not everyone fits a certain “mold” and that’s one of the many reasons why Zeta stuck out to me. The girls in Zeta will cheer you on, accept you, help you grow immensely, and stick by your side through anything. Here in Zeta we don’t take life too seriously and remember to dance through life (it’s much more fun that way). These girls will drop anything and everything to help a zista out! I have found some of my best friends through Zeta and I’ll always be forever grateful for that. These girls are now my sisters and I can’t imagine being anywhere else. Through Zeta, I have found the perfect home for me.”




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