sisterhood story :: ashley steiner

Hi hey hello! My name is Ashley Steiner & I’m the historian here in ZTA. (the gal behind the zlog, Instagram, Facebook, & more!!) I just started my junior year, so it’s crazy that just two years ago I was about to go through recruitment. I had always wanted to be in a sorority, but I never knew I’d find a place I could really call home.

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During philanthropy night, I met Kelsey, a girl who loved Zeta & sorority life more than anyone I had met before. (see photo below!!) She rushed me over the next nights, and to this day–if she can’t convince someone to love Zeta, literally no one can. It wasn’t even the fact that she knew everything about the philanthropy, fun events, or how to get involved–she truly wanted to know me, a freshman from Fayetteville, Arkansas, who had moved 8 hours away from home for the first time in her entire life. More than talking about this thing called sisterhood, she lived and breathed it. And you know what? As I looked around the chapter room, it was obvious every other Zeta did too. It was a place I didn’t have to smile till my face hurt, try to fit into a mold, or present myself in a certain way. Everyone was completely comfortable with being themselves. One night during recruitment, Grace, the recruitment chair, remembered I own a stationery company from my recommendation letter. For the first time during rush week, I felt truly known and needed in a house–that they wanted me there just as much as I wanted to be! By pref night, I knew I wanted to run home to these faces who had so genuinely invested in me. Cheesy but true–best decision. Ever. (drops mic, #noragrets, you get the picture).


I’ve found this kind of sisterhood to be Zeta’s lifestyle–one that welcomes with open arms, kicks off shoes, pours coffee, & stays a while. One that embraces differences because lemme tell ya–no two girls are the same here! I love being a part of a family with such diverse talents and personalities. One that gets SUPER excited to see you in the caf, takes care of you when you’re sick, studies accounting for hours on end with you, and goes on late night sonic runs. I’ve learned so much from these girls–our differences shout love, acceptance, and openness from the rooftops! There’s no way to truly understand this feeling without experiencing it first hand.


Zeta has brought me my people–some of my closest friends, my roommate, my best big and little in the entire world, and my constant team of supporters though all days. I know I can always count on them to have my back and point me to Jesus.

And y’all, I’m so so excited for almost four hundred girls to come visit our chapter for the first time next week. My hope and prayer though sharing our girls’ sisterhood stories on the blog has been to give an honest glimpse into the life of our sisterhood. It’s one that extends far beyond the walls of our house–which are getting remodeled, by the way! (More to come on that later).

Zeta lovin, Ash





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