Love, the greatest of all things

As our semester has turned to online-only classes, it is important to remember and appreciate the times we have with our sisters. As I intend to study abroad in the fall of 2020, it was a difficult goodbye knowing I wouldn’t be able to see my sisters for 9 more months. Although I am hurt by this goodbye, many things came to my intention about my past 7 months in Zeta Tau Alpha. As I began my sophomore year, I made new friends and grew existing friendships I now cannot live without. These sisters, these friendships, and this chapter have molded me into a person I now love being. As many women struggle with insecurities, I was one of them defeating myself over the way I looked, the food I ate, the grades I made, and the things I did. I allowed myself to consume my thoughts of worldly things that, in the end, didn’t make me who I really was. I still struggle with these thoughts but compared to how I used to see myself, I have never loved myself more. I don’t think I would have ever found that if it wasn’t for the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha consistently pursuing, encouraging, and loving me. The phrase in our creed, “love, the greatest of all things,” was just another sentence to me when I first joined Zeta. I never truly believed love to be the greatest of all things because I had never experienced the love Zeta provided me. My best friends saw my struggles and insecurities and took them as their own. They helped me through many adversities going on in my life and turned them into something great. They pushed me to only say positive things about myself, find things I love doing, and encouraged me to be the best version of myself I could possibly be. Through the love they showed me, I was able to find love for myself and all my flaws. Before these friendships, I perceived my worth only by the things you could see on the outside. I was buried in thoughts of unworthiness, my inability to do things, my achievements not being enough, and that no one could possibly love all of my numerous flaws. However, all of these preconceived notions about myself were soon torn out from under me because of the people I chose to surround myself with. I learned my worth is not defined by looks, weight, or possessions, but that it is rooted in my passions, love for others, good deeds, and my identity in Christ. Not only were those closest to me a part in mending my brokeness but it was also the Zeta sisterhood as a whole. Being a part of the Executive Council as an officer, I found 11 new friendships who seek to not only instill in me love, support, and encouragement but our chapter as a whole. Through their dedication to living by our foundation precept, “love, the greatest of all things,” it inspired and motivated me to do all things out of love. I had the privilege of getting two little sisters this year who not only show me grace and kindness but also demonstrate what caring about important things in life looks like. I joined a bible study with 10 other women who were eager to get to know me and invested time in praying for my struggles. These women text me words of encouragement, ask for updates on my life, and took my burdens as their own. Additionally, living in the house this year provided me with 70 plus roommates. Through this experience, I have learned to have grace and patience. These sisters have done many things to make me feel loved that didn’t go unnoticed. These were things like folding my laundry, helping me study, cleaning my dishes, assisting in setting up events, and lending me dresses to wear to functions. Moreover, I gained a Historian committee through my executive council position. These women have sacrificed their time and effort for me. It is hard to invest in something when the life around you keeps moving at full speed, but these women show me constantly what it means to be selfless. It is all of these relationships and many more that have been a part of helping me find self-love and a deeper love and appreciation for those around me. I finally found that love truly is the greatest of all things.


What Did the Sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha Delta Psi Learn in 2019?

As a new year has begun, I have realized it is important to reflect on the prior year. With that being said, there are so many sisters with different stories within our chapter of Delta Psi. I reached out to a few of them to ask what they learned in the past year. Here’s what they wrote:

  • Layne Peterson (Sophomore PC ’18) wrote, “This year, although things might not have always gone as planned or exactly how I wanted them, doesn’t mean that there isn’t still good to be found in that. I’ve learned that you can get through bad times and there will always be better ones ahead as long as you are surrounded by people who love you and cherish you.”
  • Kelsey Richardson (Junior PC ’17) said, “Over this past year, I have learned to have joy no matter what my circumstances are or what season of life I’m in. I’ve learned to be present wherever I’m at. This year was one of the hardest and most growing years of my life. I learned to be 100% myself and be confident in who I am and who the Lord calls me to be. I’ve learned more about my future and what I’m headed toward and couldn’t be more excited for 2020 and to see what all it has in store.”
  • MC McBride (Senior PC ’16) said, “The fruits of the spirit became more prevalent in my life this past year. I knew them all my life but the past year I realized how important they are and each month I chose a new one to pray for and have seen the Lord change my life in so many ways through it. For example, praying for peace helping me before going on tour knowing that that’s where I was supposed to be. And praying for patience helped me so much with friendships and with my babysitting job last summer. Also love and loving others better and not focusing on what’s best for me but for others as well.”
  • Kylie Pitt (Sophomore PC ’18) wrote, “I learned the friendships I gained through last year are friends that I now can’t live without. I was able to realize the importance of being thankful for the people who help make me a better person. From them, I was able to find my identity in Christ, find peace in the unknown, find satisfaction in being still in this crazy life, and find things that genuinely make me happy. Before I met these girls, I did not know who I was or how important I was. I never thought I could be loved and cared for this much. I learned to cherish them and thank them daily for being my best part of me.”
  • Cammille Stroud (Freshman PC ’19) said, “Coming into college I was so worried about making true, intentional relationships but I don’t think I really even knew what that meant until I became a zeta. I’ve learned to love bigger and serve my sisters the best way I can.”
  • Kylie Ballard (Junior PC ’17) said, “I have learned many things, but one thing I am going to take with me is that you need the people around you. I am used to being a one-man show and relying on myself because I am very particular, but I had to learn to lean on those around me to be my hand and feet when I needed it, and theirs when they need(ed) it!”
  • Lisette Falk (Sophomore PC ’18) learned “it is okay to accept defeat because I have the strongest support group who will pick me up and walk alongside me despite what I might be going through, I learned that admitting when you need help or when you are struggling is a huge part of life.”
  • AJ Mabry (Senior PC ’16) said, “This past year I learned to have faith in the unknown. Being a senior and getting ready to graduate and find a job is scary, especially for someone like me who likes to have things all planned out, but God has taught me that He is faithful and always provides.”

All of these women and the rest of Delta Psi have learned lessons throughout 2019. The root of almost all of these lessons is relationships. Most of these relationships being from the sisterhood we share. Through this sisterhood, growth has happened in so many women’s lives. Speaking for all of us, the Zeta Tau Alpha Delta Psi chapter has brought meaning, depth, growth, and so much more to each individual’s life. While each person will suffer from mistakes, heartbreaks, failures, and losses, it is important to have a community where you can depend on support and encouragement. This sisterhood has provided sisters with people who will pick up and carry their baggage with them so they don’t have to carry it alone. “Going into 2020, my desire for the sisters within this chapter is for them to continue their growth and learn many new inspirational lessons they can take with them for the rest of their lives.”

Much love to the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpa Delta Psi

The Journey to Becoming President: Kaley Claudepierre’s Story

Zeta Tau Alpha Delta Psi chapter is excited to welcome its new executive council members into office. As we start a new chapter with new ideas and inspirations, our newly installed president Kaley Claudepierre has been a huge part of pursuing these goals. As former VP1, Kaley was able to see the immense impact the executive council had on the Delta Psi chapter. In her powerful statement, “Being positive is great, but without a foundation behind it, it can be fleeting,” she told of her intentions for this chapter. Kaley sought and continues to seek to have a foundation for this chapter to lean on. Being president has big shoes to fill, and the members of Zeta Tau Alpha have faith Kaley has the capability of filling them in the next year. “A goal I have for our chapter is creating an atmosphere for members to be able to have a deeply rooted passion for being a member. Now I understand this goal may seem unattainable or just plain silly, but I acknowledge the basis of many issues we may face in our chapter comes from people not having a genuine sense of belonging.” Kaley’s ambition to construct a foundation where every member of Zeta Tau Alpha can feel seen and known is a goal the rest of the executive council carries as well. The question may arise, “How does Kaley plan on making one feel as though they belong?” Her answer, “Forcing someone to feel a certain way never works; if anything, it pushes them farther away. One statement which stuck out to me during this past recruitment process was simple yet had a powerful message: “people join people.” In the same way, people stay because of people. When you feel as though people know you and know you well, you feel a sense of belonging. By creating a program to initiate conversations and allow people to freely open up, slowly but surely members will start to recognize or begin to see why Zeta is their home. I feel as an EC member, you play a vital role in setting the tone for the chapter. Having leaders who care and strive to know individual members is something I think will make a huge impact on our chapter.” This is just one of the many ideas our President Kaley Claudepierre has for installing a more enjoyable and depth filled unity this upcoming year. She sees a bright future for this chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha. In the first week, Kaley and the other council members were installed, they made a list of the goals they intend to fulfill before their term ends. The first being, “creating memorable and meaningful experiences.” it is easy to get caught up in the idea of being in a sorority and the fun it brings. However, the new EC hopes to introduce fun experiences that also allows members to realize the importance of being part of a sorority. “Enhance communication” is the second goal. EC aspires to fulfill their leadership roles, while also establishing an atmosphere which gives members access to communicate about any and everything. Moreover, our council also wishes to have “servant hearts” this term. They want to serve their chapter rather than expecting anything from it. They long to fulfill the needs of the chapter above their own. As there are many other goals this council seeks to uphold, these are just a few Kaley and the rest of EC are passionate about pursuing. We are so grateful for a president who has aspirations and intentions for this chapter to be better. We cannot wait to see what this upcoming year will bring to the chapter of Delta Psi.


A letter to Potential New Members about to go through Sorority Recruitment

By: Carson Hungerford

Dear Potential New Members,

So, you’ve decided to go through sorority recruitment! Recruitment is exciting! It is also hot, invigorating, empowering, oversharing, answering the same question 30 different ways, wonderful, and an emotional rollercoaster. The most important thing you can do leading up to recruitment and during the process is to relax.  Whatever is meant to be will happen. Stressing about recruitment is not going to change the outcome of the week. It’s only going to increase your anxiety about the whole process while hindering your overall experience. 

When you walk into each house, it is crucial that you be yourself.  You want to end up in a sorority that likes you for who you are, not for a facade you put on to fit in with others.  Authenticity will lead to more valuable conversations and help you match your values to the proper house. Talk about things you are passionate about, the things you find most intriguing and what makes you who you are. Present yourself in the most positive way possible while also being authentic to yourself. Be confident. Smile. Most importantly, ask lots and lots of questions, take notes after each house and round, and take time to reflect each day on your notes and experience. Understand that active sorority members are just as nervous, if not more than you are. Members want you to ask questions. Members want you to like them. Wear clothes that you feel good in, that are comfortable and not distracting. Do your hair and makeup in a way that makes you feel your brightest.

Another important thing I learned while participating in recruitment is that you cannot let others opinions on a house influence how you feel about it.  Not everyone is going to feel the same way about a house, and that is alright. Be confident in how you feel about a house. This is 100% your decision to make. It is completely normal to feel confused or overwhelmed.  Talk to your Rho-Gammas. They are there to help with the entire process, and to be a shoulder to lean on. Do not overthink your decision and trust your gut. You know yourself and how you feel better than anyone else.  Do not stress yourself out. Make sure to get lots of sleep and drink plenty of water and eat, which will help with sound decision making during recruitment.

The active members in the sororities have been in the same spot you are now. Members want you to feel welcomed, valued, calm, and relaxed. Remember that just because your list of invites back to houses may not look exactly how you expected, does not mean you should give up on the process. Give each house a chance and maximize your options each day of recruitment by attending all parties you are invited to. Keeping an open mind throughout the process is the best advice to take away from this post!


Good luck, you got this!


We look forward to meeting YOU!


What is ZTA up to this summer?

By: Kelsey Richardson

WOW! It has been one heck of a summer for Delta Psi!! From internships to camps, to studying abroad, our girls have been doing some really amazing things and taking advantage of some really cool opportunities this summer!

As August has just begun, that means the start of the school year is almost here and so is recruitment! We wanted to share a couple of the things we have been up to this summer to give you an insight into the diverse group of women that make up our chapter!

Leah (PC ’18) – “This summer I have been in Athens, Greece with an organization called Greater Europe Missions. My team was split up into three groups, and my group has been working with an Evangelical church in Glyfada, Greece! With this church, we have been working with their refugee ministry. We’ve been able to build relationships with them, as well as help them in training as they start a business to make money. We have also done ministry with Greek highschool and college students. We were able to share the gospel with them, spend time with them, and be a light to them as we got to know them. Not only that, but we have done homeless ministry where we would pass out water, tea, and sandwiches to the homeless on the street. We have also done lots of administrative work for the church, as well as babysitting for the pastor’s family and other missionary families! Not only did we work in Athens, but we got to go to the Island of Lesvos where we were involved in more refugee ministry. We spent time with a Muslim refugee who accepted Christ into their life and saw another refugee be completely healed from a hurting leg! On this trip, God has taught me SO much about myself, other cultures, and what it’s like to share His love. He has done some AWESOME things and has also shown me my calling for life!!!”

Sara Grace (PC ’17) – “This summer I went to Uganda for 5 weeks to spread the love and word of God with Heal Ministries. This was my fourth and longest trip to Uganda. Every year our team brings over supplies for the kids at Family Spirit, which is a school and has recently become an orphanage as well. These kids only get school supplies and toiletries once a year so it is very important they are given the necessities to do well in school. This year to help fundraise, I asked our chapter to help donate items or money for supplies to take to Uganda. In just one week, I was so overwhelmed by the donations and support and was able to buy over $200 worth of supplies. While I was in Uganda, I got to do so many amazing things from hiking waterfalls to loving on the sweet kids and families there. It was the most incredible experience and I couldn’t have done it without the support of my ZTA sisters!”

Weslyn (PC ’16) – “Working in the Country Music industry has always been a dream of mine. After having incredible experiences performing with some of the most influential artists in my musical journey, I knew that in some way, shape, or form, I had to work in the business. I, along with everyone have heard the phrase, ‘if you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.’ I took that to heart and when it was time to fulfill my graduation requirements by secr=uring an internship, I went bold. I always knew I wanted to end up in Nashville, so doing an internship anywhere else just didn’t make sense. I wanted to make connections meet people, and begin networking myself. So I found a company that seemed to be my ‘glass slipper’ and I just went for it. I sent in my resume and was asked to interview and then asked to join the team. Living in Nashville this summer has been incredible and the experiences that I face daily make me feel like I’m living in an alternate universe. Though each day brings new tasks and responsibilities, I’ve gotten to do things like work CMA Fest from the industry side, create graphic designs for artists that will be released on a national level, sit across the table from viral sensations, and shake hands with legends in the country music industry. I am still in that ‘pinch me’ phase, but I am soaking in every moment and constantly trying to contain my inner fangirl. Without my ZTA sisters cheering me on every step of this journey, there’s no way that I could pack up and move 8 hours from home, believing in myself the way I do, or confidently take steps towards who I am and who I strive to be. I am so blessed in so many ways and it’s moments like these that make me realize that!”

Julia (PC ’17) – “This summer, I have been working an internship at a company called ApolloMD. I worked under the lady who does all of the payroll and staffing for the ER doctors in a Wellstar hospital. This not only gave me the opportunity to learn more about the patient side of the hospital care but allowed me to see all of the backgrounds that go into healthcare. It has been the best experience and I am so thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to work with this company!”

Sarah (PC ’16) – “I had the chance to spend two weeks in Kailua, Hawaii at the beginning of the summer. My sister married a marine and they are stationed out there for 3 years. It was literally the best trip of my life. We went cliff jumping, ate lots of local food, went to see where Pearl Harbor happened and saw lots of beaches. The best part was getting to bring my best friend and zeta sister along with me. I loved driving around and exploring the island and trying all the food. It was an incredible experience!”

Alyssa (PC ’17) – “I was so blessed with the opportunity to spend the entire summer abroad! I started off in Grenoble, France in May and was there all through June. While I was there I took weekend trips to places like Marseille and Paris! Then I went to Spain for a week off from classes. In Spain, I met up with a friend of mine from a past foreign exchange program and we explored Madrid together! And now I am currently in Germany for the next six weeks studying German! I’ve had an amazing time and the adventure will continue until December as I start my next study abroad program in London in the fall!”

Sloane (PC ’16) – “For the month of July, I am studying abroad in Florence, Italy! I’m taking a Food and Culture class where I literally get to cook every day and get to learn so many Italian recipes. It’s such a dream!! I highly encourage everyone in college to study abroad if you get the chance. It’s the most incredible experience and you will grow and learn so much – not only about the culture but also about yourself. It is so easy to get caught up with life in America that you forget there’s an entire world out there, filled with so many different people, cultures, languages, and foods!! I’m so thankful for this experience of a lifetime, and that I get to do it with my best friend I met through ZTA!”

Kylie (PC ’17) – “This summer I had the opportunity to pursue my passion in digital marketing in my hometown of Austin, Texas. I am currently interning for a company called Q2ebanking. In short, Q2 is a software company that reaches out to local banks to help them make money by creating user-friendly apps and websites for them. Over Q2’s short time as a company, they have already acquired 4 other lines of business in the banking industry as well. I tell you all of this because I have had the opportunity to work with the project managers (the people that run each line of business’s marketing) to optimize their organic search and pay per click advertising. You may be thinking “I have no clue what that means”, and trust me when I say I had NO CLUE what it meant 11 weeks ago. This internship has been so much more than I ever would have expected. I thought I would be working on a small project in the back and bringing the occasional cup of coffee. But here I am having optimized 5,000 keywords for an entire company, having lead 12 meetings with people with way more markering experience than me, and giving a presentation next week to 50 people about my project. It’s amazing how quickly something that I had no clue about became something that people were relying on me to teach. Overall, I have felt all of the emotions this summer of confusion, realization, failure, accomplishment, and overall have been adulting to the max, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing because I have learned so much.”

While our chapter has been up to many incredible adventures and experiences this summer, we cannot wait to all be back together here in a couple of weeks! You know what they say, “It’s always better when we’re together,” and that reigns true here in Delta Psi. We can’t wait to hear more about all of our sister’s summers! We are also so excited to hear from PNMs during recruitment about their summer adventures too!


A Zeta’s Guide to a Semester Abroad

Who: Kelsey Richardson
Where: London, UK
When: Spring Semester 2019
Class: Arts in Society & Biblical Perspectives

I knew before I came to Samford that I was going to study abroad at some point! My older sister had gone to London her Junior year spring semester and fell in love with it. When the opportunity came for me to go this past spring semester, I took it. I couldn’t wait to spend an entire semester doing what I love most: traveling! This past semester was the most challenging and fulfilling season of my life. I met so many new people, went to so many amazing and beautiful places, and learned A LOT about myself and the world that’s out there waiting to be explored!

Top 5 favorite places:

London: There are so many fun things to do in London from Buckingham Palace to Notting Hill, Borough Market, Covent Garden, Tower Hill, Oxford Circus and so much more! There is so much to do in London that people say even if you lived there your whole life, you couldn’t see and do everything!


Spain: For our spring break, some of us decided to go to Spain! We went to Barcelona and Valencia, two absolutely beautiful cities filled with rich culture and delicious foods! We saw so much including the Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, the beach, the Gothic district, the City of Art and Sciences, and more!

IMG-9010 (1)

Italy: On Easter weekend, I went to Venice, Florence, and Pisa! Italy has everything from history, to beautiful architecture, amazing food, and the BEST gelato in the world.


Amsterdam: Amsterdam is an extremely unique city with beautiful canals, the best stroopwafels ever, tulip fields, and the most bikes I have ever seen in one city. There’s so much to see and do and each street is more beautiful than the last.


Wales: For our class trip, we went to Wales where we did all things adventurous including cliff jumping, surfing, and hiking! My inner adrenaline junkie came out and I’ve never had so much fun in my life! There are beautiful cliffs, rocky beaches, and fields full of cows and sheep!


Tips for traveling abroad

  • Always plan your trips in advance! Sometimes if you wait too long flights get too expensive. Also, make sure you plan every detail! Sometimes being spontaneous can be good, and other times you regret it!
  • Do as much as you can but don’t get burnt out!
  • Get out of your comfort zone! Don’t be afraid to try new things!
  • GET A PORTABLE PHONE CHARGER!!!!! You will need it. Period.
  • Always make sure you research public transport before traveling to any city. It’s always different the way people get around and you don’t want to end up in a sketchy taxi.
  • Make sure you know currency exchange rates
  • Also, buy adapters for both UK and EU
  • It’s better to under-pack than overpack most of the time! Only pack things you know you will wear, need, or use!
  • Make new friends, try new foods, go to new places!!!
  • Ask Airbnb hosts and hotel front desks what they recommend you to see and do! Usually, locals know the best places!

Balancing Study with Abroad

Traveling is great, but don’t forget you’re not just there to travel but you’re also still in school!! Don’t travel every weekend and not do your homework til you get back on Sunday night at 2 a.m. from a trip (even though you probably will at least once)! Make sure you stay on top of your work while still traveling and having fun! I learned the best thing to do was to complete assignments on the day I got them or as soon as possible! If you get ahead, it leaves more time to travel on weekends and have fun during the week! At the same time, don’t only care about your school work!! You are also there to learn by exploring new places and learn about other cultures! You may learn more from traveling than sitting in a classroom!

Getting Homesick

I am NOT the homebody type and usually when I am at school, I rarely get homesick. However, I would be lying if I said you won’t miss home a bit while being abroad. I mean, when you’re in another country, halfway across the world, thousands of miles from home and your family and friends, it’s bound to happen! You may miss little things like driving, or your favorite restaurants, or your dog, and that’s completely okay and normal!! However, don’t let it ruin your time abroad. If you sit in your room missing home all the time, you won’t get to experience how wonderful studying abroad is! It’s okay to have hard days, but it’s so important to remember that you may never get the chance to travel the world again! So soak up every second and enjoy it!


My semester abroad is something that will shape the rest of my life. It was nothing like I planned, imagined, or ever could have expected. I don’t think I will ever be able to fully put into words what my semester abroad was but I know I will cherish my time in London forever. Studying abroad will push you to grow more than you ever have. It will get your out of your comfort zone and cause you to be independent, maybe for the first time in your life. London will always have a special place in my heart and I hope to be back again one day!! For now, I’m so glad to be home and back with all my zistas!!






Mr. Samford 2019

By: Hannah Harb and Cassidy Goble, Philanthropy Chairs 2019

Our annual spring philanthropy event, Mr. Samford, is coming up on March 28th! Our philanthropy chairs answered a few questions about the event and our philanthropy.

1. What is Mr. Samford?

Mr. Samford is a men’s pageant which ties in many different organizations across campus. It is one of the largest philanthropic events ZTA, Delta Psi does each year. The proceeds go toward the Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation which promotes and supports breast education and awareness, our national philanthropy. One of the best aspects of this event is that all Fraternities and sororities nominate guys to represent them in the competition. The night itself entails different categories including swimwear, interview, talent, and nightwear. On stage, each nominee puts their own funny spin on the different categories. This year our judges are Tito (Samford’s famous bus driver), Anna Bain (Miss Samford), and Riley Westmoreland (Samford’s president’s, Dr. Westmoreland, daughter). We are grateful to continue this production and create an exciting and impactful night for the entire University.

2. Why do we do Mr. Samford?

As mentioned above, Mr. Samford is one of our biggest philanthropy events and it is the best way to get all of Samford’s campus involved. It encourages everyone to support our philanthropy, Breast Cancer Education and Awareness and all of the proceeds go towards the Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation.

3. What is your favorite thing about our philanthropy and Mr. Samford?

Our favorite thing about Mr. Samford is the opportunity to support Breast Education and Awareness. 1 in 8 women will be affected by breast cancer at some point in their life. Breast cancer affects everyone, directly or indirectly. We also love being able to work with the guys and their coaches. They are so fun and so excited to be a part of this event.

4. What are you most looking forward to this year at Mr. Samford?

We are most excited to see our ideas come together on stage and hopefully raise a significant amount to donate towards our philanthropy. This support means so much to us and the members of Zeta Tau Alpha. Seeing the boys on stage and seeing all their hard work pay off will be so entertaining and we can’t wait for the whole campus to come out and see.

This year’s contestants & who they are representing:

  • Andrew Sink- Alpha Delta Pi
  • John Henry Fields- Alpha Delta Pi
  • Chad Jordan- Alpha Omicron Pi
  • Cameron Hunt- Alpha Omicron Pi
  • James Hornsby- Alpha Omicron Pi
  • Lewis Campbell- Chi Omega
  • Corbin Smith- Chi Omega
  • Micah Jones- Phi Mu
  • Jack Flemming- Phi Mu
  • Cambron Bice- Tri Delta
  • Jackson Mckinney- Zeta Tau Alpha
  • Ej Castro- Zeta Tau Alpha
  • Will Green- Sigma Chi

Mr. Samford is This Thursday, March 28, 2019, at 7pm in the Wright Center

Check out our promo video: 


Creed Devotional: To prepare for service and learn the nobility of serving

By: Alexa Wagner, Delta Psi President

“Women forget how much we can inspire one another. No one understands us like us.” -Alex Elle

A few weekends ago, I had the opportunity to attend Officer Leadership Academy for Zeta Tau Alpha in Atlanta, Georgia. Sitting in the car on my way to the hotel, I had no clue what to expect. I had just received the role of President and while I was excited, I had hundreds of questions in the back of my mind on what I needed to know, how I needed to start my role, how to properly run a chapter meeting, etc. OLA served not only as a guide for my role but gave me direction on how I can make Delta Psi better than I found it.

What is OLA?

OLA is a 3-day leadership conference filled with training, breakout sessions, ZTA games, and information we can use to take back to our chapters. Not only that, but you are surrounded with hundreds of women that love ZTA and share the same leadership roles as you!! Each person I talked to at OLA shared a small piece of their chapter with me. When I think about it, it really is one of the most amazing things ever. All of these pieces come together to create Zeta Tau Alpha, the fraternity that has made such a difference in each of our lives. I find it so amazing that each girl there has had a different experience in ZTA, but we can all come together at an event like OLA to learn more and grow from one another.

I was accompanied on this trip by our VPI, Kaley Claudepierre, our VPIII, Kylie Ballard, our risk manager, Shelby Luna, our treasurer’s assistant, Ashley Badin, and two of our amazing advisors Amanda and Jamie!

Some of my Takeaways….



Individual Leadership

Day one was based around different leadership styles. Each of us took a test called the “Noble Practices Assessment” to see what leadership style we were. The different leadership styles are…

– Self- Author

– Humble Heart

– Encourager

– Giver

– Strategic Thinker

I learned that I was a giver while the rest of my group was something different. This activity reminded me to celebrate each other’s differences. Knowing how to work efficiently as well as make decisions with the other 11 girls on EC is crucial! The point of this activity is to learn how to communicate and make connections with different leadership styles so making those decisions is easy. In the end, we need to embrace our differences in the correct way and come together as one unit. I plan to do this activity with the rest of my EC who was not at OLA in order to start the year off with strong communication.

The ZTA Experience

On day two we covered the “ZTA experience.” ZTA has been such a light in my life and I truly believe that it has stemmed from the leadership opportunities our chapter has provided me with. Each position that I’ve held has not only helped me find myself, but it has helped me build connections with the girls I’ve had the opportunity to work with.

OLA taught me that everyone will have a different experience than me. For some, it may take time to find their place and that’s okay! But encouraging, guiding, and building connections is crucial for anyone to find their place.

During my time as president, I want to build our members up, encourage them to apply for leadership, and form real relationships with each of them. When we join any organization we want to feel welcomed, loved, and appreciated, I hope to make Delta Psi feel that this year.
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Before leaving on Sunday, I wrote down my three personal goals for this semester based on all the information that was given to me.

  1. START OFF STRONG!!! Your sisters will feed off of you. You will be leading this chapter for a whole year. Stay positive and be a good role model.
  2. Establish a relationship with each member in the chapter. Connecting with members on a deeper level creates belonging, and can even inspire them to take on leadership roles in the future.
  3. “Be humble in success and without bitterness in defeat.” A very important line from our creed that I needed to take into this new journey with me.


Zeta Tau Alpha has impacted my life in so many ways. Of course through leadership positions and friendships, but also the opportunities we are provided with such as OLA to help us grow into the leaders we want to become. 

I feel that with everything that was said during OLA, it’s almost as if Zeta had read my mind. All my questions were answered, and I felt 10 times more confident in my position. I am truly honored to be the president of the Delta Psi chapter and I cannot wait to see what this year brings for us!!!


– Alexa Wagner, Delta Psi President

Creed Devotional: To be humble in success without bitterness in defeat

Welcome back to the blog! It’s been a while since a Creed Devotional has been posted, so let’s dive back in with the next line:

“To be humble in success without bitterness in defeat.” – ZTA Creed

Being humble in success is so much more than being polite when people are singing your praises. It is a quality that starts at the beginning, before you succeed. What was your initiative? The betterment of whatever you were working for, or attention?

“For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” – Luke 14:11

Humility even extends to the work that you do not want to do. Maybe your efforts are not recognized and you feel discouraged. This is where our faith comes in. God calls us to do everything for his glory. If your work is unfulfilling, try changing your perspective.

“Whatever you do, work with all your heart, as if working for the Lord, not for human masters.” – Colossians 3:23

In the end it is not our work that matters, but God’s work through us. So we should not be focused on how our efforts will bring us praise, but how we can bring more praise to the glory of God.

“Do nothing of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interest of others.” – Phil. 2:3-4

Being without bitterness in defeat is more straightforward. Be a good sport. We are told this from our time playing tag in kindergarten, and yet it is still relevant in our adult lives. We are all intelligent, accomplished women who should be more focused on the success of our sisters, rather than our own defeat. A friend told me today, “empowered women empower women.”  So let’s empower one another, regardless of our own success or failures.

“God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.” – Hebrews 6:10



Welcome Home!

Happy first day of classes!

This weekend was move-in weekend and wow was it a happy one! We are so glad to be back together in the zouse.

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Here’s to an amazing work week before recruitment starts, and to cute little dorm rooms in our favorite house.